Monday, May 17, 2004

Of Car Bombs and Bombing Karbala

Juan Cole despairs.
US aircraft bombed Karbala overnight.

I can't believe I just wrote the words above. I would not be writing them if Bush had any idea whatsoever what he was doing in Iraq. Bombing Karbala. It must be being seen by Shiites as like a sci-fi Terminator sort of Yazid.

Every time I think things cannot get worse, they do.
We should all despair with him. The mass media give us the bodycount in Karbala, but deem our methods unworthy of reporting. News from Karbala has been drowned out by the suicide car bombing that killed the head of the Iraqi Governing Council. The murder of Abdel-Zahraa Othman certainly bodes ill for the immediate future in Iraq, but I still contend that the future of Iraq is a trifle as compared to the ongoing battle for the soul of this nation, and in this battle our decision to bomb Karbala is another crushing defeat.

I have a feeling that things will continue to get worse at least until November, and if we fail to extirpate the Deserter and his neocon cancer in November, then for years to come.


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