Friday, May 14, 2004

Good News, Bad News

Their lives are dedicated to world conquest, but they also know that it is necessary that the war should continue everlastingly and without victory.

The Time/CNN poll released today shows Kerry with a 5 percentage point lead over the Deserter in a Naderless matchup, precisely the advantage found in the CBS and Pew Research Center polls released this week. All three polls showed continued, sharp declines in the Deserter's approval rating.

This is obviously good news, but it carries with it an element of danger for the country. The neocons will not go quietly into the night. If, following the conventions, the electoral math remains distinctly adverse to the Deserter, we can expect an invasion of Syria. The neocons and their stooge President would not hesitate to start Phase II - the Syrian War - if it is their only hope of retaining power, and they would do so without the slightest regard for the devastation that would be visited upon the moral standing of this nation in the world community for decades to come.

I don't mean to be cynical, but I firmly believe that this administration is afflicted with corruption so vast as to beggar the imagination.


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