Friday, May 28, 2004

Judy Miller? Sure, But Don't Forget Tom Friedman

Judy Miller of course merits a special place in the Whores for War Hall of Infamy, but no less deserving is the Times' Man in the Middle East - Tom Friedman.

Max Blumenthal reminds us today that Friedman's sellout was even "more egregious - and more influential" than Miller's. He also reveals that Friedman's rationale for war was at once naive, credulous and tinged with racial overtones.

Thanks, Max. We shouldn't forget who took a stand when it counted and who sold out, and Mr. Friedman, his recent epiphany notwithstanding, deserves to be remembered for stepping so conspicuously out of character to support a war so plainly contrary to the policies he's long espoused.


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