Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Republicans? Can't Trust 'Em With Foreign Policy

The handwriting for the Deserter and his neocon cabal is now on the wall. If it hadn't been apparent already, the migration of the "Great Neo Con" story from the blogosphere to mainstream, right-wing media outlets like the Washington Times signals the beginning of the end. And now that the New York Times has admitted it was duped by the neocons, how long before the other shoe drops and the Times reports that the country was similarly duped? I would suspect that it will not be long, and then the story of the The Great Neo Con will have passed from "dirty little secret" to "worst kept secret" to "blogosphere common knowledge" to "public knowledge" and finally "history."

The consequences of this are not good for the republicans. They have been party to this neocon fraud. They provided political cover and remain even today willing to carry water for the neocon agenda. There was a time earlier this year, perhaps as recently as March when the insurgency exploded, when republicans might have broken with the neocons and preserved the credibility of their party. However, their apparent willingness to go down with the neocon ship will tag their party with the reputation that dogged the democrats for a generation following LBJ's Vietnam debacle: The party that cannot be trusted with foreign policy.


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