Monday, July 12, 2004

Don't Let The Terrorists Win

Has anyone noticed that the same people who feared that the terrorists would win if we didn't [fill in the blank] are the very same people who are proposing to cancel or delay U.S. elections in response to a terror strike?

The Deserter and his supporters have in the past informed us that if we varied our routines in any way, then we've permitted the terrorists to win. Cancel holiday travel plans? The terrorists have won. Change our spending habits in response to the terror threat? The terrorists have won. Take any action that would be perfectly rational if the administration's hyped terror alerts could be taken seriously? The terrorists have won.

The Deserter and his supporters even went to so far as to insist that Spain handed the terrorists a victory when they elected a new government following the March 11, 2004 terror attack in Madrid. And yet now the administration is preparing plans to cancel or postpone elections if a terror strike occurs proximate to the November elections. Can anyone explain to me why the terrorists don't achieve the ultimate victory if we permit them to disrupt our democratic process?

It is very disturbing that so many people are taking the administration's proposals seriously. There simply are no circumstances that would justify canceling or postponing the elections. The correct response to any terror attack, no matter how large or how widespread, is to extend the polling period and keep the election going.

Even more disturbing, however, is that the administration would invite a terror attack by suggesting in any way to the terrorists our intention to capitulate by canceling or postponing the elections.

Why do the Deserter and his flying monkeys want the terrorists to win?


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