Wednesday, July 07, 2004

"Librul Trahl Lo-yer"

I caught a part of an interview yesterday morning with Mitt Romney, republican governor of Massachusetts, regarding John Kerry's selection of John Edwards as running-mate. It went something like this:

Interviewer: "What is your reaction to John Edwards' selection as Kerry's running mate?"

Romney: "Trial lawyer, liberal. Liberal, trial lawyer. Liberal trial lawyer. Trial liberal lawyer. Lawyer trial liberal..."

Interviewer: "Will republicans seek to make experience an issue?"

Romney: "Trial lawyer. Liberal. I am concerned that neither John Kerry nor John Edwards has any government experience at the state or local level. Trial lawyer. Liberal."

Interviewer: "Actually, Sen. Kerry was lieutenant governor of your state, Massachusetts."

Romney: "Oh. Trial lawyer. Liberal. Liberal trial lawyer. Trial liberal lawyer. Liberal trial..."

This is going to be one long, tedious siege. I would suggest that democrats counter the republican fondness for mindless buzz-phrases with the following:

"Bush and Cheney? War criminals. Liars. Lying war criminals. War criminal liars. Criminal war liars. War liars..."


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