Monday, August 09, 2004

The Dishonor Roll Of Swift Boat Whores

Here are some more men who have chosen to disgrace themselves and dishonor their admirable service to their country in Vietnam by slandering John Kerry's service record.

Grant Hibbard. Carl Cameron of Fox News reported that Naval records show that Hibbard lauded Kerry in 1968. Cameron reports that Hibbard "described Kerry in various favorable ways, as quote, 'One of the top few in his willingness to seek and accept responsibility.' "

Alan Colmes, in an interview with chief Swift Boat Whore John O'Neill, confronted O'Neill with the following: "Here is what Grant Hubbard [sic], who's now part of your group, here's what he had to say back then about John Kerry. And he signed -- let's put it up on the screen -- a report on Kerry. He said on initiative, one of the top few. Cooperation, one of the top few. Personal behavior, one of the top few."

George Elliot. Carl Cameron of Fox News reported that Elliot, who now condemns Kerry, praised Kerry in '96 for going after the enemy.

Alan Colmes, again from his interview with John O'Neill: "Let me show you the report of George Elliott, who also graded John Kerry in Vietnam. Here's what was said. Here's what he said. 'In a combat environment often requiring independent, decisive action, Lieutenant Junior Grade Kerry was unsurpassed. LTJG Kerry emerges as the acknowledged leader in his peer group. His bearing and appearance are above reproach.' That's a report of officer fitness from 1969 by George Elliott, who also graded Kerry."

Roy Hoffman. On May 28th, Alan Colmes confronted Hoffman with the following passage from Doug Brinkley's book, "Tour of Duty": "Hoffmann acknowledged that he had no firsthand knowledge to discredit Kerry's claims to valor and said that although Kerry was under his command he really didn't know Kerry much personally." In response to Colmes citation of this passage from Brinkley's book, Hoffman acknowledged that he did not know John Kerry personally. But on August 4th Hoffman stated that Kerry was the "most vain individual I've ever met - aloof and arrogant." The very next day, August 5th, Hoffman claimed to know Kerry well and to have "operated very closely with him."

Each of these men has made clear that they deeply resent John Kerry's decision to oppose the war upon his return from Vietnam. Each of these men has made clear that they were personally insulted by John Kerry's criticism of the conduct of the war in Vietnam, particularly his claims that atrocities occurred. However much I may disagree with their assessment of John Kerry's antiwar activities following his return from Vietnam, I would have to respect their right to forthrightly and honestly express their political differences with Kerry on the issue of Vietnam. However much I may admire John Kerry's willingness to oppose a war he viewed as unjust, I would have to respect the right of these men to condemn Kerry's opposition to the Vietnam war. They have chosen, however, to slander Kerry's service record and misrepresent their recollections of Kerry's Vietnam exploits rather than debate whether the Vietnam war was right or wrong, or whether Kerry's opposition to the war was principled or unprincipled, or whether Kerry truthfully testified to the events he witnessed in Vietnam. This is McCarthyism, plain and simple. This is an unamerican resort to lies and character assassination.

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