Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Slow To Forgive, Slow To Forget

"However one may try to justify it, it was a tragic defeat for America. Not in the military terms of the battlefield, but a defeat for our political authority and moral influence abroad and for our sense of mission and cohesion at home. A defeat not because our initial purposes were unworthy or our intentions anything less than honorable, but because - in frustration and false pride and our innocence of the art of extrication - we were forced to the employment of excessively brutal means to achieve an equivocal objective against a poor, small, backward country. That is something the world will be slow to forgive, and we should be slow to forget."
George Ball, Under Secretary of State, 1961-1966


Blogger Yaz said...

And how much worse is the damage done by BushCheney? All of the tragic loss of political authority and moral influence, but without the mitigation provided by worthy purpose or honorable intentions. Surely, the hubris and mendacity of this Administration is of historic proportions.
Anyone find those stockpiles of WMDs yet?

12:16 AM  

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