Thursday, June 10, 2004

NATO To Deserter: "Iraq Is Your Problem"

NATO's brushoff can't come as a surprise, even to one as dull-witted as the Deserter. After all, the Deserter has been telling our NATO allies to pound sand for two years. Remember "old Europe"? Remember "cheese-eaters" and "chocolate makers"?

The Deserter's desperate shift in Iraq policy in recent weeks, a virtual wholesale adoption of Kerry's Iraq policy, leaves voters with the question of which man is better able to implement that policy.

Which man is better able to enlist the support and aid of our allies in Iraq? One candidate has consistently emphasized the need for international support. The other candidate ridiculed our allies, bullied them, threatened U.S. reprisals for their ambivalence about our Iraq policy, and ultimately decided to go it alone.

Republicans, seemingly oblivious to the implications of their arguments, have been gleefully proclaiming the similarity of the Kerry and Bush Iraq policies. To the extent this policy is based on broadening international support, there is simply no rationale for voting for the man who is more mistrusted and despised by our allies than any president in our history.


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