Friday, June 04, 2004

The Oliphant Index

Even worse news for the Deserter. The most infallible measure of a President's political viability, or lack thereof, is the Oliphant Index. When a President is rendered by Oliphant at approximately 1/16th scale, he's toast.

Just ask Jimmy Carter, who was barely a wisp when Oliphant clad him in scuba gear and placed him in the back of a sedan driven by a smirking Ted Kennedy over a rickety, Chappaquiddick-style wooden bridge. Just ask Bush No. 41, who had no more substance than a breeze in Oliphant's cartoons during the '92 campaign.

The Deserter has hovered at about 1/8th scale for some time in Oliphant's offerings. Now look at the most recent Oliphant cartoon. The Deserter looks about 1/16th scale to Roosevelt and Churchill (which, when you think about it, is actually being rather charitable to the Deserter).

If I were our smirking, frat-boy Chickenhawk-in-chief, I'd sooner be at 30% in the polls than 1/16th scale in Tom Oliphant's cartoons.


Anonymous jemichael said...

hey, I found this post while searching for this cartoon of carter in the scuba gear.

I have been looking for a copy of the image on line for a couple of years.

I actually waited (restaurant) on oliphant while a sales man was trying to sell him some software back in 90.

Had the pleasure to tell him how much I liked this specific cartoon.

Given an opportunity if you could point me in a direction as to where I could find this image please email me....

12:15 PM  

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