Thursday, June 03, 2004

Everyone Is A Survivor - Until They're Not

So George Tenet is gone. Big deal.

Tenet didn't cook up this war. He told the Deserter in October in 2002 that Saddam was unlikely to attack us or doing anything else that would threaten his position atop the misery and suffering in his crappy little fiefdom. Tenet told the Deserter that the CIA really couldn't provide any conclusive evidence of Iraqi WMDs. But like any ambitous bureaucrat or mid-level manager, he knew what his boss wanted to hear, and so Tenet will be forever remembered as George "Slam Dunk" Tenet.

There is perhaps a special place in hell for guys like Tenet that value their own ambition above all else, but it's a subdivision in Hades entirely unsuitable for the Deserter and his neocon masters.

Tenet was frequently referred to, with unabashed admiration inside the beltway, as a "survivor." But now he's not. Now he's just a guy who could have blown the whistle on the WMD fraud and the other lies that greased this country's slide into war dementia, but didn't.

I would ask George Tenet to consider how history will regard him if, as I suspect, he's cut a deal with the Deserter and has fallen on his sword, ever the loyal company man. I would also ask George Tenet to consider that the Deserter and his neocon thugs have utterly failed to discredit Richard Clarke, Paul O'Neill, Gen. Anthony Zinni and others that have spoken the truth.

It's not too late, Mr. Tenet. Do the right thing.


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