Tuesday, June 01, 2004

What Ever Happened To The New York Times?

A Buzzflash Editorial pulls no punches on the Grey Lady. Why, they ask, did the New York Times wait until Chalabi had been seemingly repudiated by the administration before they ran their acknowledgment that they'd been duped by Chalabi's bogus WMD sources, when it's been apparent since at least January that all of their WMD reporting was wrong? Why is neocon prostitute Judith Miller still employed by the NYT? Will no one be held accountable at the NYT?

Also not found in the New York Times: the amazing similarity between the new interim Iraqi government and the Iraqi Government Council that was seen by the Iraqi people as a U.S. stooge. Josh Marshall notices the similarity; why can't the NYT and other mainstream media outlets?

Also not found in the New York Times: that the new Iraqi President, Ghazi al-Yawar, is married to a sister of Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (this piece of information comes from a correspondent of Juan Cole's). Today's NYT biographical article on al-Yawar notes that he is a member of the Shammar tribe, and mentions that a wife of Prince Abdullah is a member of the Shammar tribe. But there is no mention in the NYT article of al-Yawar being married to a sister of Prince Abdullah. Could the NYT have missed this? Could Juan Cole's source be mistaken? I don't know about you, but I'd trust Juan's friend over today's NYT.


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