Thursday, June 03, 2004

Tenet: Why Now?

My initial reaction to Tenet's resignation was "big deal." But the timing is curious. After all of the fuck ups and controversies, Tenet's long expected resignation ultimately occurs hard on the heels of the CIA's outing of Chalabi's disclosure of U.S. secrets to Iran. If one were inclined to be paranoid, like me, one could see the hand of the neocons in Tenet's exit.

Tenet's departure, while the criminals in the Pentagon remain ensconced, is not particularly good news. But it has the potential to be very bad news if Tenet was shown the door for crossing Chalabi.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note:the picture I got from the news is that it was NSA and DIA,not CIA,who busted Chalabi.Also,allegedly, the word to raid Chalabi came from the President himself.My (uninformed) guess is that Bush and Rove are,one by one,getting rid of people who are seen as endangering the President's re-election.

"I just want you to know that this is nothing personal. It's just business."

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