Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Midnight In Najaf

We are preparing to attack Najaf. An assault on Najaf is a strategic defeat for our country, regardless of the tactical military victory we are likely to win.

We are not fighting terrorists in Najaf. We are fighting Iraqi nationalists who oppose the U.S. occupation of Iraq. These are not people inclined to threaten or attack the U.S. These are Iraqis who do not believe that the Deserter, Cheney and Rumsfeld have good intentions in Iraq. The impending U.S. attack on Sadr's forces will create martyrs for Iraqi nationalism and turn other Iraqis against us.

Mr. President, what is this course on which you urge us to stay? What is this job we cannot leave unfinished? How are the avowed objectives of the U.S. in Iraq served by enmeshing us in a futile war against Iraqi nationalism?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

as i grow older, and read more and more of the history & analysis that was not taught at the high school level ( didn't do history in college - my mistake ), i have come to realize that the united states has been the biggest terrorist / terroristic organization on this planet in the history of mankind. and as i read the news coming out of IraqNam these days, i am becoming more and more ashamed to be an amerikan. the amerikan white male power structure ( military / industrial / corporation complex ) has killed more people on this planet for profit and power than anybody or anything else. if there were a god, how come this gawd has not struck us all down ? for i were, and i saw how man has f*cked up my creation, i would be royally pissed off and i would be inclined to start all over - except no more humans. - oily warmongering

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